April 5, 2013
Dan has sold the Black #6 Cyberstock. Look for Jeff in the #16 Accord in the Enduro series.

April 25, 2012
So i haven't updated in a while. Dan set the track record last year in the Black 6 with a time of 16.617. Teammate Doug Smith won the championship. Looks like Dan will be part time in 2012. He may be running with the ministocks on April 28. Stay tuned.

August 29
So i've been lax in updating this summer! here is a nice link that shows how the season has been going. http://www.mylaps.com/results/showrun.jsp?id=2043322 
Dan ran the fastest lap in the feature on Saturday. Congrats on qualifying second and finishing second in the feature!

June 10 - a couple of pictures of the 'new 6' car. Its the car that Doug ran last week and nearly took the feature win!


June 6 - Great racing last weekend. Doug almost took the A feature in a borrowed Zwart car. Dan finished 10th in the A with a busted up Green #6 car. It appears the Steensma cars days may be numbered as the transmission was acting up. Dan had to pit in the feature with 15 laps to go. He restarted 18th and worked his way to 7th by about lap 20 and then the car began acting up again, he coasted it his first 'A' feature top ten. Here is the note from Kalamazoospeedway.com:

Bryen Pion was the beneficiary of a late race “Days of Thunder” type battle between point leader Doug Smith and Nick Layman.  Layman held on for second ahead of Cliff Lambert, Bob Miller and Smith.  Everett Smith finished sixth ahead of Tim Towne, Doug Nelson, Jack Cook and Dan DenBraber.  Notables included Jerry Jansen III in 13th and Kaylee Misak in 15th.  Pion also set quick time while Jansen III and Everett Smith won the heats.


May 28 - Mother Nature takes all features. AGAIN!


May 21 - Mother Nature takes all features

May 14 - Mother Nature takes all features

May 12.
Well the car should be ready for the 14th! (weather permitting)

And After!
May 9, 2011.
What a great start to the season! The 2 Legit racing team got the new motor in Dan's car for opening night. Dan qualified top ten and was running 5th when a black flag for a split transmission hose ended his night and landed him in 19th place.  Fast forward two weeks. Dan was vacationing in Florida so Dale "black doug" Leonard piloted the six car on May 7. It was a rough night for Gretchen (The 6 car's official name). Dale qualified again in the top ten with a car best 17.69 (he is a past champion after all) He was running in the sixth position after leading early when another competitor 'drove through' him. Gretchen is looking at some serious shop time this week to prepare for May 14th. The 2 Legit racing team is experiencing some early season bugs. Points leader Doug Smith blew the motor on #15 Judy on the last lap. He retains the points lead but will need to figure the car out by Saturday. Dale's regular ride (the 94) is fighting electrical issues. Logans #24 still has a motor issue, and Superstar is scrambling to put Missy Piggy (#10) back together after opening night. Wish DBR and 2Legit a sucessful week in the shop!

April 15 2011.
Welcome to the 2011 season! Its going to start out with a 'bang'. Dan blew the motor on the 6 car during the April 9 practice. So its time for an engine swap with 8 days to go before opening night. Good luck making it happen DBR team. See the sad sight below.
new motor

February 18.

DBR would like to welcome a new associate teammate www.dougsdirtyraceteam.net46.net Look for those crazy guys racing at Hartford Speedway on Fridays this season.

January 25. Hope 2011 is treating everyone well! i took a screen shot of www.kalamazoospeedway.com the other day. I noticed a cute little 9 car on the banner at the top. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

December 30. Happy New Year! i found this article from this summer, interesting winner listed at the end of the article.

December 20. Merry Christmas from DBR! a couple of notes about 2010 before the site goes dormant for the winter.
The points for the team ended like this.
Dan finished 24th of 52 drivers in the Cyberstock division.
The enduro results are a little shaky, as Rob and Tim aren't listed.
Officially, Jason Boot finished an impressive 107th of 240 drivers. Especially impressive is that he beat 133 cars while only racing one race.
Kerry DenBraber (and Katey) finished 134/240
Dan DenBraber (and Jeff DenBraber, Dustin, and Friends) finished 140/240
Rob DenBraber finished an unofficial 164/240
Tim DenBraber finished 174/240.
Notables for the year: Dan's 'B' feature cyberstock win. Jason's divisional enduro minivan win.
Congrats and Thanks to all of DBR's fans for a great 2010.

December  6. For those of you who couldn't make it. The CEO of DBR has decided to post his notes from the 2010 DBArbies. Enjoy the 'unedited' notes below. And Mrs. Numb Butt - sorry it took so long.


Welcome to the 2010 DB arby awards.

First of all I’d like to thank everyone for coming. 2010 was an exciting season for DBR. But you know all of that. Lets get into the good stuff.

1. The first award tonight should come as no surprise. The relentless effort of this guy left no choice but to award him this title. With honor I give you the first 2010 DBarby. The Enduro owner of the year, combined with the best petitioner for the award you wanted award. To Rob DenBraber.

2. The winner of the second award has the biggest one of anybody here. We’ve all heard becca talking about how big it is! Lady’s and gentleman you’re biggest……. Trophy award goes to Jason Boot.

3. The third award goes to the former car rental guy. This guy left all of the car on the track but looked fast doing it. I present your rent-a-wreck award to Tim DenBraber

4. The next award is a split award. The drivers are both deserving individually, but it took both of them to be called ‘the fastest bitches’. Kerry DenBraber and Katey Price!

5. I’ve got a whole stack of the next award – lets see. Fantastic DBR fan awarded to becca boot!

6. There were a number of nasty one this year. But the next award goes to the biggest! And no its not his nose. Jeff DenBraber gets this years ‘hardest whack’ for the passenger door on the 9 car.

This next award is about planning for the future. And I hope this ‘trophy’ doesn’t make him cry. The DBR young guns and most fearful of winning award (cause he’d get a trophy) matty boot.

7. Dustin couldn’t make it tonight. However early this evening he was awarded the ‘derrick cope start and park award’ for the fewest laps completed this season.


Next we get into the serious portion of the show. These next awards are the serious ones. Please refrain from opening your envelope until the end of the show.

8. Our only non driver award this year. Is the Numb Butt award to Becca Boot. She faithfully attended a ton of races. So many races in fact that she managed to sneak into every victory lane photo this year.

9. It could have been called the Ford engineering flaw award. However this next award is appropriately named the Petiboner award and goes to Katey Price.

10. This driver had his left turn signal from the green flag to the checker, but it’s the well deserved ‘fastest old guy’ award to Rob DenBraber

11. The next award is a dual award. She moved up from 25 cars in the powder puff to 125 cars in the big enduro. Additionally, every time she did say ‘don’t wad it up’ her husband crashed his cyberstock. I present the biggest cajones and don’t wad it up award to Kerry DenBraber.

12. The next award could be contested some, I understand that. But a win trumps all. The crew chief of the year award goes to Tim DenBraber.

13. Many of us here saw him do it. He took the first enduro trophy in DBR history – albeit it in a minivan. I present the 2010 Soccer mom award to Jason Boot.

14. The final award is a little different. You’ll notice there wasn’t a:

Best driver

Most improved driver

Fastest driver

Driver of the year

Best looking driver

Or most charastmatic driver,

because I would have won them all (editors note: Dan was presenting these awards as DBR's CEO).

But seriously, this is the final award tonight. This driver could have won rookie of the year, but katey was a lot better, He missed out on the crew chief of the year despite his good work. So the final award, the Nick Gebben award for excellence goes to Jeff DenBraber.

October 18.
Congratulations Jason Boot! One DBR win this year could have been a fluke... But two different drivers, in two different cars, in two divisions?!? DBR has arrived!
Jason drove a phenominal race in the #7 minivan. A 32nd place finish was the highest minivan by a long shot! Jason won a healthy $375.00 dollars. Way to go Jason. Kerry and Katey drove a hard race in the #6 wagon. Some transmission trouble, and another apparent broken tie rod regulated them to a 59th place finish - But, they finished as the highest place female team and won $100.00 and the title of 'fastest bitches'. Way to go girls. Dan cooked the motor in the #9 of diamonds and finished 63rd. However after the motor corked, a hodge podge of drivers and pit members ran a few laps after it cooled down to have some fun. It was a great way to end the 2010 season! See picture of Boot getting interviewed by Jason and getting handed a trophy by Speedway owner Gary!

October 15. The cars are nearly ready! just a quick master cylinder change on Kerry's #6 and everything should be ready to roll! Voting is now closed for DBR 'Fan of the Year' congrats to Jeff Diephuis! He won with 10 of 22 votes cast! Please vote for the most exciting DBR driver of 2010 next! Watch for results of the race next week.

October 8. One last race for 2010! The DBR enduro team will take to the track for the three hour road course enduro.  Look for Dan in the #9 of diamonds, Kerry in #6 wagon, and Jason Boot in the #7 minivan. The race is Saturday October 16 at 6pm! Join DBR for the season ending race. Don't fordet there is one week lest for DBR fan of the year voting. DBR west coast rep Jeff Diephuis currently controls the board with a commanding eight votes.

September 14. 6 hour update. Well Saturday night was fun at least. None of the DBR fleet finished in the money. The #7 dodge caravan was the highest finishing car. Rob, Jason, and Dan (for a few laps) put the minivan in a respectable 23rd place finish. The van was the only car to not have a DNF. Kerry, Katey, and Jeff (for a few laps) finished 26th. They were running into the final hour when some crafty do-no-gooder put Katey into the tires and broke a tie rod. The petibone picked her and car up and carried her off the track - quite a sight to see. Tim ran solo in the #58 car and ran an impressive race until the motor expired. Dan, Jeff, and Dustin had some trouble in the nine of diamonds, everyone turned some laps, but an overheating problem regulated them to a 58th place finish. The racing season is nearly completed. The DBR team will have some contingency at the year end enduro race (there has been some talk of another road course setup, and DBR is very supportive of this!). The time has come for the final vote poll of the season. A five dollar prize will be awarded to the winner, so pay attention! voting ends October 15 2010 at 4pm. Who was DBR's biggest fan this year? if you would like to be added to the poll please email Dan (dan@denbraberracing.host22.com) and you will be added to the poll! good luck to all. Additionally we would like to congratulate Dan on his DBR driver of the year award! he won with 100% of the voting! in case you missed it, voting was open September 14 from 12:00 noon to 12:15pm. Because of his DOTY award, Dan will not be eligible for fan of the year.

September 13. Happy Birthday Name!

September 10. The cars are ready! come check out the racing tomorrow September 11th from 6-midnight. Don't forget to vote for you favorite car/team! See pictures of the fleet below.



September 3. The enduro stage has begun! The #6 wagon was nearly completed Thursday night, new front brake pads and it'll be ready to roll. The #9 of diamonds needs the rear bars welded in the cage to be finished, and Tim's #58 car is ready to roll! Additionally it seems as orginal driver of the #5, Rob DB, will come out of retirement to pilot a minivan with Jason Boot! Good Times. look for pictures on Tuesday the 7th.

August 30. What a great way to end the year! I think the pictures and video will tell the story, but congrats to the entire DBR team on its first visit to victory lane!

Heat race part one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQXoav_M04Y

 Heat race part two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39QHNStqS7Q

Feature race part one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o775ovUDT1w

Feature race part two:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--gJwTvJhhw

Here are some pictures in victory lane!

August 27. Whoops, I've been a little lax in updating the site. Well the last month has provided the DBR cyberstock team with some exciting racing. As of now it appears the John Deere car will make its final 2010 appearance tomorrow August 28 at Autograph night. We'll see if some final tweaks have helped the speed at all. But fear not DBR fans, the racing season is not over. The enduro teams will take over from here. The six hour enduro will field three DBR cars. #9 of diamonds will be piloted by DBR all-star Dan, Enduro veteran Dustin, and rookie Jeff(of cyberstock #6 crew chiefing fame). The #6 wagon will be driven by crafty powderpuff veteran Kerry, with her rookie sister Katey. and finally, but hopefully not last the #58 piloted by veterans Tim and Jason. If the cars last someone will be driving in the October 'regular' enduro as well. Tune in early next week for the Cyberstock results and some candid enduro car pictures.

August 2. Wow was that a lot of racing. The DBR #6 Cyberstock had quite the night at the speedway. First of all, a  lot of the cars found some speed while we took a couple of weeks off. The qualifying time of 18.242 was 21st quick. The team took to the track for the first 'last chance' race. The top six cars would qualify for the 'A' feature. Dan drove to a 3rd place finish in an ill handling car. The first 'A' feature resulted in a disappointing but not unexpected 18th place finish. It was double feature night! so Dan was quickly back in the car for the second last chance race. The adjustments on the car had it working a little better, but after nearly wrecking in turn one by himself, Dan had to settle for a 4th place finish and a transfer spot into the second 'A' feature of the night. The second A feature resulted in a 17th place finish. Dan had moved up to 12th before an couple of incidents on the track knocked him back a few spots. This was the last scheduled appearance by Crew Chief Jeff DenBraber. DBR would like to take the opportunity to thank him for his stellar performance. Jeff - your bonus check is in the mail. Additional thanks go out to his world class assistant Matt Kool. Despite his rookie status, Kool brought it Saturday night and completed all of his tasks with NASCAR like precision. Finally, the car needs help! speed, handling, you name it! Please email any suggestions to dan@denbraberracing.host22.com Look for DBR at the track August 7th!

July 30. Its Double Trouble night at the Zoo this Saturday night, July 31. 5 classes, two features per class, 10 feature races. The DBR cyberstock team will take to the track for the last time with Crew Chief Jeff DenBraber at the helm this season. We'd like to thank Jeff for his tireless work to bring the 6 car to the world class standing it enjoys today.

Enough Sappiness, The Cybersix was really fast the last time out. Some changes to the cooling system and the addition of cooling fans should keep the overheating problem at bay.

Additionally, The DBR Enduro team recently picked up another set of wheels. Dan will be piloting the #9♦ in the labor day enduro. Hopefully Tim's #58 will be ready to roll as well. Those cars, plus maybe an additional car? will be running the 6 hour 'road course' enduro at the Zoo as well.

Stay tuned to www.denbraberracing.host22.com for the next couple of weeks to catch the results ,schedules, and pictures of car building process..

July 12. Even when the DBR racing team isn't at the track we still know how to tear it up.

Check out the video links below for some Silver Lake duning action.






June 27. The DBR Cyberstock qualified in the top ten! A lap of 18.003 was tenth fastest. Special thanks to the Name for his super fantastic pit crewing. His invaluable expertice has allowed the 6 car to continue improving. The car overheated in the feature requiring an early exit and a 15th place finish. The team will take the month of July off, and return to action in August. See you then.

June 25. The DBR Cyberstock will race tomorrow! June 18 qualifying saw DBR qualify for its first A feature - and then the rain came. Hopefully the car will be as fast this Saturday night. Johnny Benson will be back to to try and qualify for the All Star July 4 race. Superstar crew chief Jeff 'Chad Knaus' DenBraber will be calling the shots from the war wagon. Wish the team luck!.

June 16.Happy Birthday Dad!
Look for the DBR 6 car to hit the track Friday night. $5.00 to get in. We hope the car will still be fast. The 'dream team' crew chief Jeff DenBraber will be setting the car up.

June 7.
Rained Out! however the car was fast and very, very loose in practice. June 18 looks to be a good night!

June 4.
The Cyberstock team looks to take to the track this Saturday night. The radiator has been correctly replaced and the car has been tweaked for speed. Additionally, superstar crew member Jeff DenBraber rejoins the team and has assumed the role of crew chief for the week. With his expertise is the the week DBR breaks in with a win? Hopefully the weather holds saturday night!

June 1.
Way to go Kerry!.


The pride of the DBR enduro team drove the #6 car to an 8th place finish in the powderpuff Sunday night. Dan was unable to run as the #7 car would not turn over/start.

Kerry in action:

The final board:

Below are the video links of Kerry's run.
Part one:

Part two:


Part three:

May 30.
Come see the DBR Enduro team take to the track! Kerry will be racing her very fast #6 escort wagon in the powder puff. Dan will pilot Boots #7 Mazda as he is stuck at work. Dan did mention he was very sad that Jason will not be able to race and is ever so reluctantly hopping in the drivers seat of the Mazda.  Pre race inspections found a catastrophic leak in the #7 radiator (frozen over the winter perhaps?) that required replacement. Additionally the power steering pump is non-functioning and has been removed. 200 laps without power steering should be exciting for Dan. The 'group' will be sitting in the 'regular' spot at the entrance of turn 1 if you're coming out to watch. Go DBR! 

May 22:
With many apologies to Diep for the delay, here are the results from May 22. Dan crashed the car 5 laps into opening practice. The team spent a couple of hours rebuilding the front end after Dan acquired a radiator in the pits. They missed the rest of pratice and qualifying. Dan finished 7th in his heat after starting last, and 10th in his feature after blowing a tire. Not a great night. Hopefully the results will be more favorable the next time out. The cyberstock team is taking memorial day weekend off for the Enduros. Go Kerry!.

May 15 heat race below:


DSC08241.jpg picture by denbraberracing

Cybersix Drivers side.

DSC08245.jpg picture by denbraberracing

Cybersix Passenger side.

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